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star ocean second story r

Star ocean second story r is a remake of the original game for the ps1 with the hd-2d style that has since been popularized from octopath traveler. 

The graphics and art as always is good. 

It focuses on Claude and Rena who travel around the world and trying figure out whats been going with some strange occurrences happening around the planet that they are in. 

It has a real time battle focus in contrast to the previous turned based style of the other 2d-hd line of games from Square Enix. 

Its similar to the world ends with you where you chain link enemies for more rewards and quicker way to grind up too. 

Theres a decent amount of variety in enemies. 

You can learn new abilities and special actions as time goes by. 

Theres private actions and side stories for you to do to increase your bond with your party members. 

The biggest problem the game had was really just the enemies spamming some really cheap moves every few minutes making combat more annoying than it should have been. 

The lack of the ex missions from the original game apparently wasn’t here. 

The voice acting and dialogue was just really bad and can easily be qualifeid as one of the worst in modern gaming history. 

Theres a bunch of new stuff like improved party control plans without much

micromanagement and  a enemy database too which by now is basic standard for jrpgs. 

It’s a really large list that really curbs down on how infamous it was back then for micromanagement a lot of the improvements in the user interface and its overall pretty useful. 

Save points with healing abilities are now there too unlike the original game apparently. 

A mini map there too was also added which again is now common place. 

The characters too were just ok nothing really that special either. 

Theres some mini games you can also take part in too. 

The music of it is pretty good and the anime cutscenes too were good. 

The game has a huge amount of replay value too about 86 different kinds of endings. 

Overall it was a decent remake. 

It gets 4 out of 5 stars. 


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