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steal princess

Steal Princess is a puzzle platformer by Climax Entertainment and Atlus long before Climax went out of business.It focuses on a thief Anise who finds herself into some serious debt and must stop the demon king in order to pay off the debt especially after being mistaken as a hero of long time ago.It’s a fairly long game with about 150 levels in it.Some of the levels can be pretty annoying due to the trial and error concept to it.

Each level is fairly short requiring you to solve puzzles depending on your objective. Each area in the game is pretty unique and only limited by the DS capabilities. The graphics were below average but the art by the character designer from Tekken 7 was decent enough. The combat was also simplistic, just hit and dodge the enemy and that’s really about it. The boss battles were uninteresting.

Not helping either was an auto lock on system when other combat games from would have an optional choice to lock onto enemies. The control system does take some time to getting used too.

Anise only has two inventory slots. One slot is permanently occupied by Anise's whip, which can be used to stun enemies, latch on to an airborne enemy, activate switches, grab enemies from a long distance, and so forth. The other inventory slot can hold any item, but once Anise picks up another item the original item is dropped on the ground. The only exception to this rule is gems; these are stored in a separate gem inventory, and Anise only drops a gem when an enemy hits her.

The online features are non existent since Nintendo long since discontinued it.

The dialogue is poor even by 2000s JRPG standards. The difficulty curve here was pretty inconsistent: some levels were easy while others were just really awkward to solve.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

In a way it’s a revolutionary game, since this crawled so Persona 5 can walk with the thief concept. Had Atlus make this game today, it would have been somehow tied to Persona 5 mainly as like a minigame but nowadays knowing atlus ocd for milking anything p3-p5 yeah i think its best now some things do remain obscure as is and not have sega's own greed be its undoing one day.


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