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Tengo Tenghje

Tenjho tenge is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name by the air gear creator. 

it focuses on a group of students trying to survive martial arts school and the constant gang fights that goes on there. 

Alot of the story is strayed pretty far from the anime and the original manga itself was way off the cuff even more than the anime with alot of stuff that they couldn’t easily get away sadly these days and theres lot of story missing out too. 

Lot of the story too also deals with supernatural mythical Asian martial arts too. 

Lot of it really was caused by censorship than so the infamous keep going while the manga is still ongoing curse that many 2000s adaptations sadly suffer from especially since its from madhouse too since its really just the first parts the anime covers. 

The voice acting in the English dub not the best really as expected from something from the 2000s so its best to go for the Japanese dub. 

The art design was ok. 

The characters in general were ok at best really nothing too ground breaking. 

Naturally being an action anime its going to be alot of it and it gets pretty bloody on both sides of who’s fighting.  

The animation too was generally ok. 

The music was decent too. 

Overall it was a decent anime. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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