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The Last Story

The last story is a WII JRPG game developed by Mistwalker, a company founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. Nobuo Uemetsu composed the score. The game focuses on a group of mercenaries who are working on the island of Lazulis and is led by Zael, an aspiring knight who has supernatural powers. Zael and his teammates take on jobs for the people of Lazulis when the get ensnared in a massive conspiracy.

In Lazuilis city, you can purchase items and customize your equipment with changing colors. You can unlock new colors to dye your equipment. Taking part in side quests and arena fights are optional. The game aside from its real time action, has stealth and tactical roleplay. You can choose commands for which attacks you like to use in combat like healing or spell casting especially when it comes to boss fights. You also have a life system and if you lose your 5 lives then its game over.

The controls were pretty easy to pick up and use. With the mark of the outsider, you can use it to lure enemies so you can ambush them. Each teammate has their own fighting style and special ability to use and the boss fights aren’t all mindless slashing and hacking as you have to think and use strategy. There is also stealth sections in the game, some are mandatory which unfortunately breaks the flow of pacing.

Summon circles are the best way to grind in the game and you can get not only xp but also the occasional chance to find permanent stat boosting items for yourself and teammates. Even if xp slows down the more you level up, you can still get stat boosting items to help you out in the long run. It is very beginner friendly to newcomers of Jrpgs.

The plot wasn’t the most original and some plot twists were so easily discernible. Zael and Calista weren’t really interesting compared to the other mercenaries. Syreene was one of the more colorful characters in the team as she was just pure action heroine. The graphics aged badly like really and the visuals were just bland with lots of low res textures around the area. Otherwise, the character design and art were quite good. The musical score is really great.

You can play the game in co-op multiplayer but I doubt you can do it online though since Wii support for that discontinued a long time ago.

There is a fair amount of replay value as you can revisit missions but you can’t gain xp. You can gain more powerful items per each revisit.

Overall, the game was quite enjoyable and a lot of fun.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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