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the laughing salesman

The laughing salesman is an anime based on the manga series of the same name by the doraemon creators. 

It focueses on the day to day life of Mogkuro a mysterious salesman who gives people any wish they want come true, but only for it to backfire pretty badly since people exploit his “good will” and it shows the cautionary tale of what happens when you enable and reward peoples own hubris and of course what happens when how ridiculous situations could be avoided entirely had you take the higher road with common sense and not let ego get in the way. 

Usually the hubris in this case its guys getting lured by women or vice versa and its not really teens as the target its grown ups especially older ones. 

Its entirely procedual so you can watch any episode in any order. 

Just like jigoku shojou tho some of the writing can be iffy like should these people really be clients in the first place and be punished too like the old guy in the sunday club if anything it should be his own family and co-workers than so himself. 

Mokuro is basically the joker meets the genie in a nutshell. 

The concept is pretty similar to season 0 yu gi oh,jigoku shoujo and xxxholic so its interesting enough to keep viewers happy. 

Its not dark and edgy like the aforementioned series as its more focused on comedy. 

The music of the anime is fairly good. 

The animation is decent and the art is pretty good. 

Its a fairly short series too about 12 episodes and each part of it goes by fairly quick. 

Overall it was a decent series. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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