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The Legend Of Black Heaven

The legend of black heaven is an anime series that focuses on Oji Tanaka who comes out of retirement and back to being a lead guitarist after settling down and having a family as part of a space conflict. 

The concept itself is very unique at least by todays stanrads and not really something seen especially in todays anime enviroment either with music saving the world kind of stuff. 

The characters are generally ok and the comedy was ok too lot of it was repetitive misudnerstandings. 

Ouiji works at a very dead end job as a Salaryman and is middle aged and that combined together is bound to lead to misery so him being dragged into the conflict by Layla was what got him out of retirement. 

Ouji and layla were the more interesting leads with better chemistry imo everyone else kinda fell flat. 

Their character designs too were decent. 

The romance part did felt awakrd as if Ouji was single it could work but he’s married so it just comes off as awkard. 

The animation is generally fine and the art too is decent. 

The cgi on the other hand isn’t exactly the best. 

The music was pretty good too.


Its a fairly short anime too about 13 episodes and its kind of a slow burner too. 

Overall it was a ok anime. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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