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trails into nayuta

Trails of nayuta is a spin off from the trails series of legend of heroes games. 

This game is a port from the psp which was initially exclusive to Japan like many other falcom games at that time. 

The real time combat is based on the Y’s series also from Falcom too. 

It focuses on Nayuta in his journey to various realms based on the seasons to solve the mysteries of some strange calamities thats been going on lately. 

Its not really canon to the mainline games, as its set in its own universe and has its own lore to it. 

The game is a fairly long game and its pretty much the typical kind of story seen in many falcom games so its nothing really that special though the tropical theme and astronomy focus was an interesting twist to the formula. 

One of the biggest issues the game had was the same issue I've had with the crossbell games no map to help you get around with exploration. 

Not helping either was also the fair amount of backtracking you had to do but at least, requests aren’t mandatory like they were before to drag out the story but the game still had a good amount of filler to it. 

The localization as expected since its from NIS its incredibly attrocious as ever be it dialogue or voice acting and on that note the characters were not anything that special either. 

The economy is not exactly as extensive as the mainline trails games and you unlock stuff by finding materials throughout your journey to get more powerful equipment to get. 

You get ranked based on how well you did during stages the higher the rank the better your rewards will be. 

Food also serves as health boost and expierence gaining too and you unlock more food reciepes and storage for it as time goes by. 

You can donate collectibles to the local musem in the game similar to animal crossing you get rewards for it. 

The variety of locales and seasonal base it has was interesting and could be good for grinding too if necessary. 

The platforming can be incredibly awkward at times and very slippery too especially the fixed camera angle too wasnt that helpful either. 

The graphics and art were fine. 

Overall it was a ok game. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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