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Trails into reverie

Trails into reverie is part of the trails series that serves as a halfway point for the series in addition to a conclusion to the cold steel and crossbell arcs. 

You really have to play all of the trails games from crossbell to cold steel to get a full understanding of what goes on during this story. 

It unites all the characters to stop a much greater threat that threatens the entire world and its the same type of plot as seen before countless times be it trails or any other jrpg. 

All of the characters on that note are the same as before ranging from very tropey to pretty obnoxious for their own good especially schmidt who really just serves to be more of a nuisance than anything else for as long as he has been in the games. 

With its large cast on the otherhand, not many characters are going to get enough showcasing as much as others get inevitably which is unfortunate for some fans. 

The filler is still there from repeating boss fights to getting sidetracked its as annoying as ever on the otherhand, its not as exactly ergrearious like say the earlier trails games especially the first cold steel game, as the game goes by fairly quicker than those in fact it only took me about 3 days to complete it than what it would usually take from those games which would normally last about almost a month due to the excessive amounts of filler in them. 

Each game is focused on 3 arcs,cold steel,crossbell and the “C” route each showing what happens during the story. 

The game has a feature called the reverie corridor where you can go through dungeons and earn rewards and unlock new party members. 

Theres  mini missions you can take part in for rewards. 

Every single minigame from cold steel to crossbell appears in the game and you unlock more as time goes by. 

Combat is turned based like before with various features from previous games and some new tweaks to it too like unifeid attacks and attacking objects to fill up the special abilties meter. 

There is alot of party members about 50 you can unlock to. 

Customization like before is fairly extensive with lots of options to choose from and it can be pretty heavyhanded on the micromanagement side from time to time.


You do most of the exploration on the reverie corodor than anything else that has a dungeon in the main storyline honestly and the dungeons are pretty much ok at best pretty straight forward and thankfully not full of confusing sideways backtracking and vague hints on what to do next at the very least. 

The game suffers from quite a bit of technical hiccups from slowdowns in certain areas to frequent loadtimes from what i found on the switch. 

So much so that I'm surprised it was even released like the way it was when it came out on the switch which is pretty inexcusable. 

Not helping either is the localization its just horrific as it ever was from really obnoxious dialogue and humor all of it is just bad similarly the voice acting too as always suffers as a result from it. 

The user interface has all of the improvements from the previous games thats good. 

Otherwise the graphics and art as always is pretty decent. 

The music too like before is the best part of the series. 

Overall this honestly feels more like Falcom’s attempt at doing something gacha like what xenoblade 2 did and really just a ok at best game at the end of the day. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 

The trails games are pretty much at this point bloated and not in a good way ranging from obnoxious tropes, repetitive storylines especially full of unlikable characters who just keep getting away with bad stuff and cryptic mysteries that leave more questions than answers, its pretty much one of the most below average jrpgs there is out there so its not really worth the expensive price range i find in addition to all the hype there is online too so only really purchase the games if you really like Falcom jrpgs that much. 


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