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trails of cold steel 3

Trails of cold steel 3 is the third entry in the trails of cold steel arc of the legend of heroes trails series. 

Its highly recommended to play the previous games of cold steel so you can be kept up to date for what happens during this story. 

Theres also a good amount of filler too the worst case of filler for the trails series, I've seen has to be from the cold steel arc as if Falcom was really trying to recreate the infamous crystal novalis arc of final fantasy. 

Its the same premise as before class viii has to save the world from dangers and stop whoever is behind it the atypical formula for a trails series. 

The characters are the same as before and as expected very tropey and nothing really not seen before in any other Japanese media. 

The voice acting and dialogue to as expected especially since its from NIS is incredibly atrocious. 

The comedy too as expected is incredibly annoying especially since its from NIS doing the localization. 

The graphics are pretty decent and so was the artstyle too. 

The combat is the usual turn based style with some modifications to it. 

Theres a variety of customization options as before. 

Theres the brave system which allows you to build up points to use special abilties. 

Mecha battles are also a thing too that functions similarly to the turn based battles. 

Theres a new fast foward option and auto battle for combat now as this was around the time of jrpgs focusing on making things less cumbersome to make it more acessible for

newercomers of the series. 

The new "Break" system was also added, which adds a "Break Gauge" bar to enemies. Attacking an enemy depletes its break gauge bar, and when fully depleted the enemy is weakened for one turn. 

The battle user interface is much easier to understand for newcomers too so its not really that focused on micromanagement as much as it used to be. 

Sometimes you have side objectives where you can find certain spots and objects and exchange them for rewards through the arcus phone system in the game. 

The music as always is really good.


Overall it was an ok game. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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