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Triangle Stratgey

Triangle Strategy is an rts jrpg game made by Square Enix and also Artdinik.

The game focus on a conflict between nations in Nozerlia fighting over iron and salt which has become pretty hard to find and the story focuses on Seneroa and the representatives of each nation trying to get through the conflict and resolve it once and for all.

The characters were alright with each having their own motivations into the conflict.

To start off with, its made by the same team who’s worked on Octopath Traveler as well as using, the same kind of hd-2d graphic and artstyle and its just as good as it was in Octopath. Same great character design as well too.

The music score like in octopath was alright.

You can choose which party member and depending on your actions choose and unlock new characters up to 20 of them and the gameplay is similar to fire emblem and final fantasy tactics. With its grid based combat and moving and positioning your characters to fight enemies.

Throughout the game you can find the resources to upgrade weapons and upgrading weapons is how you get access to new weapons in the game instead of buying others as its either resources or items to use in combat.

Players can use effective positioning of their units for more powerful attacks: for example, two characters placed on opposite sides of an enemy will attack the unit from both sides during the same turn, while an attack from behind or above the enemy will result in increased damage dealt.Doing so also rewards the player with Kudos points, which can be traded for character upgrade items or Quietus skills, which allow the player to execute one-time special actions during battle such as reviving a fallen party member or imbue all party members with increased movement.

Some parts of the maps you can use to take advantage of to set hazardous traps to lay for enemies like fire or ice elements for example.

Be careful though as in combat, as enemies can steal resources just as you can.

The voice acting was alright and dialogue choices do matter unlike in the Persona games which the story plays out more or less the same no matter what choice you do. Theres certain parts of the story, where you have to make certain points that the story branches off and you can also convince your party members to take a certain side based on the conviction you have and conviction in the game is the reputation system that allows you to convince others to take your word over the others. The scales of conviction based on how much votes you get either sets out the story or if it’s a tie you have to be the one with the final decision.

The control system was pretty straight forward and easy to learn. Speaking of you can choose and select the difficulty you like from very easy to hard so its also pretty accessible to newcomers to the strategy genre.

You can take part in mind battles to grind for resources and exp to help you get through the game.

It can be slow at times so patience is required.

The game has lots of replay value to see what you may have missed and also learn more about the story as well.

If you fall in combat, you can still retain your expiernce and keep on grinding as much as you want.

With the exploration parts of the game with the town you can interact with npcs to find hidden items or learn more about the world.

There isn’t any autocombat either as well too like most stratgey rpg these days. You have to manually do this yourself so if your lazy this is not the game for you.

Theres also sub stories which provides more info on the lore as well.

New game plus you can get after beating the game with even more difficult fights and also foresight on how the story is affected.

Overall really good stratgey game.

5 out of 5 stars.


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