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Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine is a baseball anime based on the video game of the same name by Too-Kyo games.

It focuses on a group of baseball players fighting for dominance in Japan in the far future of 20xx where the world is crumbling apart and Minato city is being hosted for one of the biggest baseball games there is out there.

Its kind of like danganronpa but baseball edition since baseball is how matters are resolved in the world by the government through the xb law and Japan as far as I learned about from the Yakuza games is pretty big on the sport.

Yeah its not exactly the most original concept out there but still from the dr team its pretty facinating how they handled it.

The English dub, has a pretty “peculiar” choice of voice actors like a certain percentage of them happens to be from youtubers thankfully at the very very least, not the douche/clout/normie or obnoxious rich kid type shit that gets instantly blocked from me lol but yeah hardly any of them having any kind of formal acting experience but I did liked Corpse Husband’s performance though and its kind of a wasted chance not having him do also the music too for the anime since his music really fits the kind of edgy themes too-kyo games is notable for.

Its mainly like normie mainstream gaming and anitube type shit stuff I personally don’t watch since lets be real, all youtubers really are pretty much are total dogshit, and the only good thing about youtube is just the music and no commentary walkthroughs or funny anime clips not the dogshit tiktok like shortform content youtube is pushign these days but that aside, the voice acting overall was meh like the rest of the anime.

The characters were fine enough as is pretty much the typical too-kyo games styled characters we’ve been seeing since danganronpa.

Once again, we’re seeing the usual way too cowardly and much of a pushover for their own good mc, that Kodaka is way admittedly too fond of getting caught up into some shit.

The action sequences were pretty decent enough but after a while it gets tiring seeing the characters lose from time to time.

The animation on the otherhand, it just wasn’t anything that special strange considering how call of the night was really smooth and that’s from the same studio, but this here however just was well sloppy seconds.

Since its short things can really go by in a blink of an eye also not much in the way of character development either along with some questionable decisions characters make during the course of the story that just leaves me more questions than answers on why they’d jump the gun on logic sometimes.

The artstyle was pretty decent too and so was the character designs too.

Its fairly short too.

It has a that dark and edgy atmosphere that too-kyo games is known for.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

There’s only one kind of audience that would appeal to this show, it’s the danganronpa crowd and edgy e-kids who claim to be fans of hotshit stuff and base their entire personalities off from watching a walkthrough and not playing the game and even if they did it would be nothing but bitching and complaining so I'd say it’s the dr crowd that would like this but ones who actually play the game and not get easily offended every nano second of the game and kodaka simply existing.

That being said its best too-kyo games keep up what they’re doing and stick to their core audience and not tiktok tards and let the core audience enjoy their works and give them constructive criticism when needed and gatekeep these fuckers outta here and with that rant is done peace out ya’ll.


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