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Undertale is a video game developed by Toby Fox for PC and Macs. It was later ported to the Playstation, PS Vita, Xbox and Switch. This review is about the Switch version, as each platform has its own unique content. Its also an easy to pick up and play for beginners to the JRPG genre.(Technically counts since 8-4 ported it)

A child falls through a portal that separates two worlds, the one above where human resides and the one below where the monsters live. The game follows the adventures of the boy who finds himself in this strange world and how he survives. Many of the characters that you meet are just so hilarious and quirky in their own unique way, especially Sans. They were all full of unexpected surprises. The dialogue was outstanding with lots of humour.

The humor is phenomenal and lot of it was inspired by British comedy like Mr.Bean. The music is incredible and meglovania especially is one of the best tracks in the video game. The graphics and art design were really great. Each area of the underground was unique and you can buy new equipment to help you on your journey as well as finding save spots which restore your health just in case you need it. The game also took inspiration from many pop cultures, most notably cult classic JRPGs like Shin Megami Tensei, Earthbound and Moon Rpg Adventure.

It’s not just all humor, the game covers some pretty touchy story themes in a pretty mature way. The atmosphere isn’t just quirky and strange but depending on circumstances, it can be pretty dark and cold. This is the game is as a long or short as you want it to be depending on the type of style you utilize during your playthrough.

The gameplay is pretty notable for its morality routes as you can go the entire game without killing anyone and it encourages you to spare as much as you possibly can in the game. Combat is inspired by Touhou as enemies shoot projectiles all over, and depending on your timing, attacks can be weak or strong. The boss fights were also pretty engaging and fun. Puzzle solving was also pretty creative and required trial and error. The controls were pretty easy to pick up and learn and the user interface was pretty good.

There is a lot of replay value in the game especially checking out stuff you may have missed in your first playthrough. There were many interesting easter eggs to discover to add to the enjoyment.

Overall, the game was highly enjoyable.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

If you enjoy strange and unusual storytelling this would be for you.


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