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usotoki rhetoric

Usotokoi Rhetoric is a mystery manga focusing on a young girl, who’s abilty to detect deceptive behavior as despite her being outcasted from her small town gossipy village to move to Tsukymoya she pretty much found herself in the city where she becomes an assistant to a not so lucky detective where her skills are going to be needed to solve crimes in order to make a living.

The concept of it kind of does remind me of Ace Attorney particularly the prequel games in some ways with the character dyanmics and its kind of interesting to see how things unfold. Its more so platonic friendship then it really would be romance its not that kind of shoujo.

The art was ok and so were the character designs too, and its probably just me and spoilers for late game twewy like real ground shiki lol.

But that aside, the background of the world just was pretty well drawn.

The mid 1920s setting was interesting to use as well too.

It’s a fairly long manga, with about 50 chapters in it.

The characters were pretty ok even if they are poor, they still show up to be the heroes of the day doing the right thing without having to be petty af with how they conduct buisness.

The dialogue placement yeah it can be Awkard to see from time to time where it can be hard to make out things. Maybe its from the fantranslations i've read.

The comedy is cheesy and not really the best.

Overall it was a decent manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Its alreay finsished and a full series is coming out here in the west sometime soon so there, here’s proof shoujo isn’t all just uwu romance schizo shit like sanrio or obnoxious af gen z bullshit yass slay queen men bad shit like maid sama either.


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