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va-halla bartender story

Va-halla bartender story is a cyberpunk visual novel and this game was developed by sukeban games who similar to Game Freak, they started out as a news place to discuss otaku culture in their local area and eventually struck out to develop video games on their own. It started off as a prologue but eventually evolved into a full fledged game.

It focuses on Jill Stingray a bartender for vahalla in glitch city in the year 207x and Jill’s interactions with the local customers and trying to help them with their own issues.

The retro artstyle was really great and so where the character designs too.

The pixelated graphic design was really incredible especially since lot of it was inspired by the pc-98 era of visual novels.

Mixing drinks did took me some time getting used too but after a while, it just started to play perfectly for me.

Drink mixing is how you alter the course of the story since there isn’t really any dialogue options to use. Fail at mixing drinks a certain amount of times and its game over.

The characters were pretty interesting and worthwhile interacting with especially with the dialogue and humor it has.

You can create your own playlist of music on each day you’re working on and the music itself is great.

The atmosphere is pretty broody and dirty specially when it was also inspired by the struggles of the game developers location growing up.

Overall this was a great game.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Theres supposed to be a sequel but it still has yet to be made.


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