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Vampire Knight

Vampire knight is an anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name. 

It focuses on Yuuki Cross, a student in Cross Academy. The Academy has a day class which has human students and a night class which has vampire students. Yuuki and her old friend Zero are members of the disciplinary committee and their job is to maintain order in the elite school. The students of the day class are unaware that the night class students are vampires. The story revolves this uneasy coexistence between humans and vampires and also the dark truths behind the academy and the students who attend it. 

The whole idea of vampire and humans attempting to co-exist with one another comes from Yuuki’s adoptive father, the headmaster of the school who’s very idealistic on how both sides can work together and hopes that a newer generation of students can learn to live with them. 

The action scenes were well executed and the music was good. The art of the series is very good and holds up really well to this day.  The tone of the story, despite it being a Shojo having moments of cheesiness here and there, is actually quite melancholic and dark and it cover topics that are taboo most notably the incest part since is not exactly the easiest topic to handle. While the characters pasts were unique and engaging to learn about, the characters themselves just felt bland and the same type you can see in any other Shojo. Yuuki spent a lot of time being sort of useless running around a lot letting others save her. 

The story isn’t fully told as the manga was ongoing at the time the anime was still airing. The anime itself is fairly short. 

Overall, it was decent and worth the watch. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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