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warioware get it together

Warioware Get It Together is a minigame compilation thats part of the Warioware series.

The game has like lots about 200 microgames to play.

The Wario games humor, its lot more vulgar and crude than Mario games. So if you like crude crassness this is it for you.

The animation is an interesting mix of 2d and live action and it’s the first video game I seen with that kind of feature at least with what I can remember. I do like the art and graphics as well.

Not much to say about the voice acting since Nintendo games are usually focused on gameplay but its servicable and its good seeing Charles Martinet being Wario as always. You can also play with friends as well too.

If you lose all lives you can use goldcoins to continue and you get them from completing microgames.

The music is pretty good as well too.

Some of the characters controlling them for certain minigames yeah its always best to go with one you think would be best as if you choose the wrong one you’ll probably fail quite a bit.

Microgames based around different character abilties as well was another fun idea they had in the game.

Theres also a post game feature which is new and it also includes more boss fights as well adding more replay value to it.

You can also customize your characters as well by changing their colors for their outfits which is interesting.

Its short as well like It only took me about 4 days mainly cause I was playing Age Of Calamity in concurrent of this game to finish and yeah its fun game overall.

4 out of 5 stars.

You know, the Warioware cast has yet to appear in the Mario games and the Warioland games and they honestly should someday. In fact, a Warioware anime as well too would be an interesting idea to explore.


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