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Zodiac P.I

Zodiac P.I is a magical girl detective manga series by Natsumi Ando. Lili Hoshiwaza is thirteen-year-old girl who moonlights as “Spica”, a private detective who solves cases that the police find difficult. She comes from a long line of astrologers and uses astrology to foretell people’s future.

The characters were pretty decent and fairly likable. They are typical Shoujo characters you could see in any other Shoujo romance and this series has quite a bit of it. The comedy was cheesy with Lili’s love interest Hiromi being allergic to girls. He is her childhood friend who returns after spending several years in school abroad.

Lilli summons Zodiac Spirits using the power of a special ring that was left behind by her mother. The spirit summoned depends on the case, the date of birth of the victim, and the timeline when the crime occurred, to try and piece together what happened. These Spirits have their own personality traits respective to their zodiac sign.

The art was very nicely drawn and the character designs were superb. While the atmosphere was dark and mysterious, it also had that Shoujo feel good upbeat style. The manga is about 20 chapters so the pacing was pretty fast.

Overall, its an okay story.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

If you like Fruit Basket series, you may enjoy Zodiac P.I. Unfortunately, its out of print so it can be very expensive to purchase online.


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