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Zombie Loan

Zombie loan is a manga series by the manga team Peach-Pit who is notable for working on Rozen Maiden and ShugoChara.The story revolves aroundMichiru Kita, a timid girl who is very reserved. One day Michiru sees a certain ring symbol on the necks of two of her classmates. These gray rings, which only she can see because she has Shinigami eyes, indicate the time the people have left to live and once they turn black, the person dies.Michiruand the two classmates gets themselves caught up in the world of Shinigami and killing zombies so they are finally sent to the afterlife to repay their debts to the zombie office.

The concept of the story is certainly a unique one and its almost similar toDeath Note and another Square Enix project,The World Ends WithYou.It also has the kind of edgy feel along with the horror suspense nature of Death Note too with its atmosphere.Of course it does have its moments of Shounen style humor which I found too cheesy, so I don’t really think that it fits in well with the horror nature it is going for.There is a lot of action in the series, and it can be bloody too.

The characters both main and supporting were generally okay but somewhat tropey. Michiru learns how to stick up for herself and not rely on being saved by her friends. The chemistry between the characters was interesting enough to keep the reader invested into what happens next. The artstyle and character designs were good too. It’s a pretty long read with about 80 chapters in it.

This was one of my most fun manga reads as of this writing.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

There is an anime adaptation of the series but it’s too short, so I recommend reading the manga. There is a good amount of backstory in the manga compared to the anime.


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