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This game was one of the first games Platinum has made and while they were working with SEGA as a publisher back in 2009. I got this game of the PS3 and this is actually my first time getting into the game, and I actually like it quite a lot.

The first thing I want to talk about is the character that the game is based on Bayonetta. She is actually the type of girl and girl I would actually date in real life. She's smart,deadly,sarcastic and she's highly pretty and she knows it. She uses her sexiness to humiliate her enemies and she actually doesn't need to be saved. Her voice acting as well is pretty good and she does have a sexy English accent coming from Helena Taylor.

She is a umbra witch who hunts down angels and she doesn’t really remember anything about her past. And throughout the game you start to learn more about her bit by bit as it goes on. And how she is tied towards the war between the umbra witches and the angels.

The story is off beat and it does feel weird at times. It does leave certain parts unexplained and other parts just confusing. But I did find the story to be entertaining and funny especially whenever Bayonetta had something sarcastic to say.

The graphics are good but it's not really as polished as other PS3 games such as Skyrim.

The game is told through several chapters and each depending on your performance gives you a rating like if you did good for one mission you can get a gold trophy or you did so excellent that you got a pure platinum the highest trophy available.

The combat in this game is hack and slash with magical abilities. It's always fast paced and there is quite the variety in ways you can take out enemies. You can use multiple weapons to take enemies out at range distance. Or you can punch and kick enemies. And you create combos and the game encourages you to execute enemies as stylishly as possible.

And you can also use torture attacks to gruesomely kill enemies once you fill your magic gauge after attacking them through your combos.

You also have a variety of magic in the game and you can shape shift into different animal like forms. Double jumping for example is Bayonetta using butterfly wings. And she can transform into a panther later on in order to jump through large gaps or get around more quickly.

Bullet climax for instance is using your pistols and shooting down enemies one by one by rotating the control stick while firing with your hands or even feet and it fires on all directions and the more buttons you press the more bullets will fly.

And there is also the bullet time in game which is called "Witch time" where after you dodge an enemy at last minute time slows down and you can quickly strike back at the enemy.

You can also unlock new abilities and equipment as well by buying stuff from the gates of hell with the halos that you collect from the enemies that you kill or by smashing stuff.

There is also the climax attacks in the game where Bayonetta in certain moments whenever she is taking down a powerful enemy. Her hair becomes literally a magical weapon and it puts you in a quick time event where you press the button down multiple times and the quicker you press it the more points you will earn. And it will immediately kill the powerful enemy you are fighting.

There is also a in game arcade game where it is on rails where you can shoot angels for points for either more halos if you decide not spend any points. Or you can use the points for purchasing lollipops to recover health or charge up your magical abilities. Which you can play after you complete a chapter in the game.

The boss fights in this game are very over the top and creative. I had a lot of fun with that part.

I do like the sound track the game has It's energetic and catchy. And it matches the style the game uses.

The game has a lot of replay value as well where you can find various documents. Which contains lore about the world of Bayonetta.

And you can also get a more valuable medal the next time you play a certain level. And there is also pieces of golden records that you can find in levels that unlock more powerful equipment. You can find them after clearing out a section of enemies or by opening the chests hidden throughout the level.

The game does have its share of flaws.

The game has frequent often long load times. It loads when you pause it loads whenever you are selecting an item from your inventory. Its much better once you get the latest version that’s patched.

The frame rate is quite shaky and this is the PS3 version I have. And it jumps back and forth even with the "latest" patch. At 55 to 10 seconds the entire time.

The textures I believe its because it’s the PS3 version its blurry and the visual setting is monotone.

But in conclusion, I really did like the game Bayonetta and the character herself are one of my favorites on the ps3.

The game gets 4 stars.

If you enjoy fast paced and hack and slash action with special magical abilities and highly attractive sarcastic women. Then you are going to enjoy this game.

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