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Ghost In The Shell 2015

Ghost In The Shell released on June 20, 2015 is the sequel to Ghost in the Shell: Arise, an original video animated series. Ghost In The Shell is set in an alternate setting from the original series and takes place after the events of Arise but before the first Ghost In The Shell movie.

The story of this film is complicated and takes time to fully grasp the complexities. It focuses on many of the aspects in the original series such as consequences of technology and what it means to be human from the perspective of a cyborg. This movie focuses on Section 9, a special forces group and explores the character dynamics between team members as well as well as their interactions with the world around them. unique and it was interesting to see how they interact with the world around them and each other.

The main story line follows Major Mokoto Kusangi, the leader of Section 9, as she tries to find out about her past while dealing with terrorists and various conspiracies. Major Kusangi and her team are tasked with finding out who assassinated the Japanese Prime Minister and she slowly learns more about herself as she uncovers a conspiracy within the government.

There is a lot of action scenes in this film which are pretty good. The animation flows between hand drawn cells and CGI which overall looks flawless. The special effects are amazing and the atmosphere of the Ghost In The Shell universe looks futuristic. The art backgrounds and designs of the world, such as the Mechs, a type of android, are very intricate and highly detailed.

Visually, this movie is much brighter than the original films and it suits the cyberpunk setting. The voice acting is pretty good and the new cast in this film sounds a lot like the original cast in the 1995 Ghost In The Shell movie.

The techno musical score of this film goes well with the overall feel of the movie and the high-tech sound effects blend in quite will.

The problems of this movie are mainly related to the story. While some philosophical aspects are still in this movie, it takes a back seat to the action. The movie moves back and forth between politics and conspiracies which makes the story difficult to follow and makes it too convoluted. You can also predict the outcome of the situations as there is not much in terms of suspense. The characters don’t get much of an introduction either so new viewers not familiar with the series is at a disadvantage. The movie also leaves a few loose ends. Overall, Ghost In The Shell 2015, it’s a pretty solid film and fans of the franchise won’t be disappointed despite its flaws.

The final rating of this is 4 stars.

Ghost In The Shell is mainly for fans of the franchise and if you like cyberpunk, you will enjoy this movie.

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