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chainsaw man

Chainsawsaw man is a horror anime based on the manga of the same name that focuses on Denji a devil hunter part of a government sanctioned devil hunting agency called the public safety bureau where he must hunt demons in exchange for a comfortable life as having anything demonic related in this world can be an instant death sentence.

Each devil is based on fears humans have like a lot of different kinds of fears like zombies as one such example.

His cause for getting caught up in the events was really due to being in some debts with the local yakuza.

He's a simpleton otherwise in need of companionship especially female one and Makima the lead agent of the bureau is perfect for Denji.

The story feels pretty cinematic fitting considering how much lot of pop culture inspired the mangaka of the series with so much litered around the series.

The comedy is pretty cheesy like its pretty self aware how really insane the concept is so it just embraces the kind of insanity it has. Like the entire story of it you can consider it to be gen-z's own version of devil may cry so if you’re looking for a deep story this ain’t it. Its short too like you can binge it in a day for now that is since I'm certain the other arcs are bound to be adapted.

Otherwise it has a pretty grimey atmosphere to the story which is fitting.

Its pretty violent so don’t let the shonen tag decieve you and the violence makes sense and the action was decent enough too and yes shonen has always had some pretty dark shit in it, so no this is not the first and certainly not the last shonen to have edgy shit in it despite what some dumbass post covid gen-z tourist may say.

Theres still lot more story to cover too like the assassins arc and eventually the school arc too.

The animation from mappa was pretty decent and so was the artstyle too.

The characters are fine enough as is and their interactions were pretty interesting to watch.

The voice acting too is pretty decent.

The music was pretty good and each ed had their own unique song to it from TK from ling tosite sigure to Kanaria the vocaloid producer.

Kind of a nitpick but it’s a huge missed opportunity by not having SIM’s Devil In Your Heart as one of the music for the anime maybe it could appear one day.

Some parts were glossed over sadly like the muscle devil fight probably a symptom from having it on a short run time by mappa so god only knows if that scene will be like an ova or something. So it looks like its just more ammo for mappa to abuse their studio more than they already do sadly these days.

Theres a good amount of comedy in it too that makes sense given the nature of the story.

Its really not a deep story like the cultists say online like I personally found it to be just

braindead entertainment to watch when you need something almost like the 80s and 90s ovas that had the ultraviolent demon shit in it that’s how I look at it.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

In a way, it kind of reminds me of the demon themed anime I’ve reviewed ages ago when I was still only just starting this site after I left school if you’re really in the mood for just dumb fun this is it, otherwise please don’t watch it just to get your kicks out of being a ethot or whatever dumb fuckery is going at tiktok or twitter because this series sadly like quite a bit of anime these days is another victim of covid tourists using anime especially hot shit mainstream shonen (not personally a fan of them if you know me) but still its pretty sad to see anime is being used as just social media clout chasing these days and long story short, please gatekeep these fuckers out of the community they bring nothing but fucking cancer and the sooner they’re brought to the sword the better off we all be since they don’t deserve anime at all in the first place peace out ya’ll.


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