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animal crossing the movie

Animal crossing the anime is based on the video game series of the same name.

It focuses on a new villager Ai adjusting to their new life in animal crossing as well as the relationships they make along the way in adjusting to the new town.

So storywise it kind of does its own thing, while maintaining certain key elements from the original games as this was based of capitalizing off from the success of wild world at the time of its release.

It maintains the lighthearted cheery feel of the games too. For the most part that is as some other parts just feel like melodrama for the sake of it coming off as forced like Bouquet and Sally’s leaving party as yeah it just existed only really for melodrama.

A bunch of random stuff happens in the film like in the games too that honestly, would probably be better if it were in an anime format than so cramming it in altogether in a movie.

Also the advice on friendship too from Bianca yeah, it came across as more so unnecessary rubbing salt in the wound then so supportive.

The Alien part too, I hadn’t seen such random alien stuff since Record Of A Fallen Vampire way way back when this site was still in its formative years lol.

The seasons coming and going to like the games is there and that’s a pretty cool aspect of it.

Its animated by the same studio that also did pokemon OLM and the animation still holds up well to this day.

The artstyle too is charming and fun and the character designs translated really well in the 2d animated format.

No there isn’t a dub for it yet that is as of this writing, the sub voice acting was pretty good and kind of unusual not hearing gibberish from characters or if you wanna go earlier that something todays animal crossing can’t do because of the covid tourist overly sensitive crybully fanbase these days, since there was quite a bit of edgy jokes that go way out of pocket lol.

But yeah, that aside the comedy is pretty cheesy like the games itself.

The characters too were also pretty accurate to the original game counterparts too. Ai was pretty much meh, to be honest and she can be a bit of a crybaby with some of the most obnoxious crying that could give anohana of all things a run.

Mr.Resetti case in point, he’s still as nasty and obnoxious as he was in the earlier games during the time you have to remember to manually save before autosaving was more of a thing.

The music was pretty decent.

Overall this was a pretty decent adaptation of the game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Animal Crossing fans of back then during the late 90s and 2000s would like this but todays fandom, I prolly wouldn’t say so since animal crossing fans these days aside from cult like fanaticism shunning out any other Nintendo game for animal crossing and with a even radically far fetched belief that its underrated and if any other nintendo game especially an older one that is finally making a comeback after so long as a smash easter egg its going to somehow overtake animal crossing In popularity and its up to the ac cult to save it. :/

And oh also, obnoxious cultist like morality puritanism too as yeah the a.c fandom today would also somehow find a way to seriously bash anime even though its from Japan too and its up to illumination and disney to eliminate nintendo cause somehow they bigots. :/ Even though they ironically are the real ones for harassing and bullying someone over spacebuns too and yeah good on nintendo too banning political bullshit from their games so that regular nintendo fans can enjoy it in peace and not sjw schizos using the games as a way to sabotage and destroy it for their selfish shit.

So all in an all, this is something really for animal crossing fans but older ones that I “hope” don’t have the kind of really beyond evil and toxic af ideology that todays fandom of ac has so yeah to conclude this mini rant veteran ac fans will like this nuff said.


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