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Durarara is an anime series based around the naritaverse books of the same name and the naritaverse is a supernatural multimedia franchise focusing on the various eras and stories of the characters living in the world and its unusual mysteries and conflicts too.

Each episode in the anime focusing on one of the eleven main characters. It can get confusing if you’re new but after a while you’ll get used to the narrative storytelling the story utilzes.

Its set in the Ikeburro district of Japan where a lot of unusual supernatural stuff occurs and somehow the character tangled into those kinds of conflicts.

The atmosphere was spooky,edgy and vibrant and it really fits the kind of story the anime wants to tell.

It’s a very lengthy series too that’s still currently ongoing at the moment with the manga.

You can see some other references to his previous works like Bacanno as one such example.

The artstyle is one of the most notable aspect of the series and its by far one of the most iconic styles of art at this point in anime history because of just how unique and stylish it is.

The character designs were also on point too.

The animation too is also pretty good.

I did enjoyed the music of the series too.

The characters were a pretty fascinating cast each with their own unique backstory to them included. Celty’s one of my personal favorites a headless racer doing courier work is pretty interseting imo.

The amount of chemistry they could have together was pretty compelling to look at too.

The comedy too can be really hilarious.

Overall it’s a really facinating series.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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