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My Girlfriends A Gal

My girlfriends a gal is an anime adaptation of the book series of the same name.

It focuses on second year high school student Junichi Hashiba who is desperate to get a girlfriend because everyone else is dating. His friends push him to confess his attraction to Yukina Yame, a popular “Gal” in school. Yukina is a Gyrau, which is a fashionista lifestyle popular amongst young women in Japan. The Gyrau girls are glitzy glamorous girly girls who act naïve and silly on purpose to get attention from men. After Junichi and Yukina start dating, other girls start vying for his affections.

All of the characters are as cookie cutter as it could get. The relationships between the students all seem one sided. Junichi’s friends take the sexually obsessed stereotype to the extreme who cannot stop thinking about sex if their lives depended on it. Minorou has to be the most depraved of them all since he openly admits to liking little girls, and almost nobody voices any concerns about his predilections. Shinpei is the only reasonable one as he goes out of his way to explain to Junichi how relationships work and provides him with dating tips. All of the men is portrayed as sex obsessed morons with one thing on their collective brains.

Each episode feels formulaic and predictable and everyone all lives happily ever after. You could easily finish this in a day because of how short it is and that’s the main problem because the manga was out only for 2 years and suddenly now an anime adaptation was created. So much plot points were brought up in just a few seconds and this show only has about 10 episodes and it is not as focused on Junichi and Yukina as it really should be and the relationship ironically is put on the backburner. The comedy was not very funny, just virgin bashing jokes that were petty and vicious if anything. The timing and delivery of the comedy felt really off and inappropriately timed even when moments are not meant to be funny.

The animation and art style were ok but nothing special while the character designs were forgettable. The coloring was pretty off and the way characters blushed for example looked pretty unusual and unappealing. It’s a sex comedy so expect every single lady to be as attractive and have as humanly big chest as much as possible and all other body proportions to be as sexy as possible. The male character designs were made to be as unremarkable as it could possibly get while the females get all the attention. Some screens were static and the music just loops in the background. The musical score was average and the dubstep elements were ear achingly bad. The J-Pop tracks were the typical J-Pop song you could hear on Japanese radio.

The English Dub is really horrible and it strays very far from the original Japanese language. It adds its own lines like how Light Novel readers are perverts and one character giving a speech in a tone of Donald Trump. It seems as if the english script writer had his/her personal agenda, instead of sticking to the original meaning. The lip synching looks off and the facial expressions had uneven edges.

It’s a sex comedy so there’s going to a lot of fanservice and that's to be expected and it does make sense so get used to seeing close up shots of women’s genitalia every few seconds. I don’t really have anything else to say except that its mediocre and also unnecessarily political.

This gets 1 out of 5 stars.

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