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LIFE is a manga that focuses on Ayuma Shiiba who is surviving a pretty dark time in highschool and the manga doesn’t shy away on showing how dark it can really be and there is a lot of touchy subject matter this only is a tip of a iceberg.

Ayuma’s “friends” are often really sketchy and nothing about them can be really trustworthy as they always gossip and pick on Ayuma behind their backs.

Lot of people both teachers and students are pretty corrupt.

The sexual content in the manga is also some pretty dark bdsm stuff and really not for the faint of heart either.

Self harm was another topic explored in the manga too and when those scenes come around they were not pleasant to look at. It gets so bad that suicide attempts happen.

The way the topic matter was handled was in a pretty mature and adult way and not for comedic relief as often other series most notably Eureka 7 and Bungo Stray Dogs would do so make light out of suicide and play it off as laughs when its clear the person is in pain.

Don't worry there is punishment for the bad students in the end one such scene with what happened to Manami in the end don’t want to get to further into details but the punishment couldn’t be any more perfect for Manami.

In spite of all this Ayuma tries their best to survive and work to what is right in spite of all the corruption around them.

The atmosphere was pretty angsty and just vicious which was fitting for the story.

The art was pretty good and so was the character designs.

Its pretty long with about 80 chapters and its best you read it slow and steady because there is a lot of stuff to take in.

Overall this was one of the best shoujo manga I've read.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

There was a j-drama adaptation of it but still yet to have a full anime adaptation and if it does happen its certainly going to make waves for its content.


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