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afterschool nightmare

Afterschool nightmare is an psychological shoujo manga series that focuses on a character who is intersex with lowerbody parts of a woman and upper body parts of a male trying to figure out their own personal identity because of them having some beliefs and interests that are not expected of his own personal gender, as well as also the relationships they go thorugh in their time in a fictional dream school where its focused on self discovery on who a person really is.

The way to graduate is to discover who you really are so you can go out to the real world on how you identify as.

As time goes by like I said the true meaning of it will just seem so strange and unreal that can leave you with more questions then so answers with the twin meaning by using intersex motifs.

It was actually meant to be a cyronic sleep themed sci fi but eventually retooled into a shojo styled gender identity issue manga story.

As time goes by you start to really see the kind of unusual meaning the intersex stuff really is all about.

The artstyle was pretty ugly yeah, and it did took sometime for me to getting used to it.

Otherwise the writing and character dynamics were pretty compelling to make me overlook that aspect.

I found the character development too also pretty interesting.

The atmosphere had this dreamlike feel to it and at times it can be pretty dark too in a psycholgical scare.

Overall it was a pretty poignant manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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