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Arisa is a manga by Natsumi Ando who’s notable for their work on Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.

It focuses on twin siblings Arisa and Tsubasa who were only just recently reunited after their parents divorced and it focuses on a bunch of drama going in school and it turns out there is a lot more than what seems to be really happening.

Turns out theres this event called “King time” which is during a certain period in school during the weekends where someone is going to be target for something pretty bad happening especially after her sister nearly killed herself as a result of it.

In that sense its kind of like danganronpa in a way with its concept which is kind of unique for a shojo.

The characters can be compelling from time to time and have their own unique motivations to their goals.

Its not really heavily focused on romance either.

The atmosphere was there as it had this creepy feeling to it a far cry from Kitchen Princess.

It’s a farily long manga so with the mystery nature it can be slow to time from time to time so you’ll get used to it soon enough.

The artstyle is pretty good and so was also the character designs too.

Overall it was a decent manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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