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alice in murderland

Alice In Murderland is a manga by Kaori Yuki and its based on Alice In Wonderland but, with a play or die type twist to it.

It focuses on Stella Kuonji one of 9 adopted siblings who is placed in a death game to survive and last one survives gets the family fortune straightforward enough concept. Also the guests they invite are used as collateral to get them to take part in the challenge. Bloody Alice, is Stella’s blood thirsty counterpart that only appears when fighting other challengers.

Players can also, aside from wealth and power can have their own lovers of their choice should they win.

The other kids as well also have their own double sided personalities as well too that can be just as vicious as Stella’s own as a result of the mind altering tea they were given by the parents.

The parents in the manga are pretty horrifying and it does a good job showing scary they can be.

The story is a mix of fairy tale elements as well as Japanese mythos as well too. Also since it’s a death game styled story the pacing is going to be pretty hectic and also, the action as well was pretty frentic as well too.

Kuonji you can say is almost like the white rabbit in the original Alice books since they help guide the respective characters in the weird scenario that they are in.

Characters aren’t going to be easy to like either since lot of them can be downright vicious.

Early on the story it doesn’t show much but as time goes by things will start to pick up the pace and you’ll find out more on whats going on. Character development especially early on is pretty lacking in that department.

The art is pretty solid as always from Kaori Yuki.

The atmosphere is pretty tense and dark as well too. Like in Die and Angel Sanctuary, there’s also elements of incest in it as well too so keep this in mind before you do consider reading. Zemo and Alice even though they are adopted yeah the incest thing still is there and it ain’t meant for everyone.

It’s a fairly long read as well too.

Overall it was a pretty decent dark fantasy manga.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Fans of The World Ends With You Danganronpa and also The Nonary Games as well as fairy tale fans may like this story quite a bit.


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