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Anonymous Noise

Anonymous Noise is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.

The story focuses on budding singer Nino Arisugawa as she reunites with two childhood friends, Momo and Yuzu after not seeing them for six years. Nino listens to the school band and meets her old friend Kanda Yuzuriha or Yuzu as he his popularly known. Knowing that Nino loves to sing, Yuzu persuades her to join the band, “No Hurry To Shout” as the lead singer. She meets up with her old flame Momo whom she still loves. However, Momo makes it clear that he does not want a relationship with Nino. Heartbroken, Nino focuses her energies into her new band.

(The art design and characters do look cool thats why i watched it)

The show has a mix of a rocker and slice of life shojo atmosphere but the rocker atmosphere was more like window dressing. It has the typical shojo themes and it came before the rocker elements. It’s pretty short about 12 episodes with minimal character development. The show is burdened with its heavy use of cliches and melodrama. The characters were bland and not very memorable. Momo in particular was the weak link of the cast as he was very petty and jealous. The chemistry can be pretty awkward with characters as well too. Yuzu is a nice guy but dense and kind of a pushover too. The main characters really do have the passion for music and the desire to succeed.

(wearing a mask before it was even a thing in 2020)

The voice acting for the sub was good and the voice acting in the English version was serviceable. A lot of story was missing and rushed out because of the short length. The edgy character designs look really cool and the art style was pretty good. The animation was good for the most part. However, the CGI was really obvious and has not age well and it was frequently recycled. The soundtrack was excellent, catchy and enjoyable.

(This is what once unusual is now usual in schools)

The anime was serviceable and some fans may find it quite enjoyable.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

The series deserve a reboot since the manga has been completed.


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