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lollipop and a bullet

Lollipop or a bullet is a manga that focuses on 2 girls Nagisa Yamada and newly transferred student Mokuzu Yumino and their lives during their time in school.

If you’re expecting it to be a yuri, its not that its really just the story of 2 teens dealing with the issues of growing up and how they bond together as a result of it and both do have some good character interactions.

The atmosphere has a downbeat lowkey kind of feel given the somber nature of the story which was fitting.

It covers on pretty touchy themes from loneliness and hikkimori lifestyles too in addition to the kind of personal struggles the characters go through in the middle of nowhere rural like town they are in Tottori. Pretty much Nagisa wants to go to millitary school soley just to get away from dull life in her area.

Mokuzu is something of an eccentric like claiming to be a mermaid and its really just a sample of a much more complex character than what she’s shown to be.

Nagisa is what one would consider to be as a realist not entirely optimistic neither full on pessmism either while Mokuzu often tries to see the best in things.

Its kind of short with about 15 chapters in it but still enough to tell the story that it wants to tell.

The artstyle is pretty good sure it may look cute, but the story says otherwise.

Overall it was a good story.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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