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Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo stray dogs Is an anime series based on the as of this writing ongoing manga of the same name.

Its notable, for basing many characters off from famous literary figures over the years and also so some references to personal traits the irl authors have and their stories which was kind of interesting.

The story focuses around various factions like the port mafia or the private investigation team getting caught up into all kinds of schemes and its up to the private investigation team to figure out whats really going on and stop whoever is behind the schemes.

I have to say, the worldbuilding and lore of the series was really immersive.

The plots were pretty compelling and fun to be engaged in.

i found it to be well paced with how it told the story .

I did enjoyed the dark fantasy modern atmosphere and setting of the story.

The characters were fun for the most part, the worst character for me was Aya Koda, who came across as very self righteous and self serving and always a hindereance really. The cast is pretty expansive so everyone has their own motive on why they are in the factions they are.

I also didn’t really liked Akiko that much either due to how nasty she can be at times too.

Character chemistry between Chuuya and Dazai was pretty compelling to look at given their history as port mafia members and honestly they really do make one of the best frenemy type dynamics in anime history because of how each time they are in screen, you can’t help but not blink anytime you see those guys together.

The action here was pretty decent enough lot of the characters had their own special ability they used in combat some of it were named after the respective works of said characters that were based on the authors they were inspired by.

The art was also good and so was the animation as time goes by, it really steps up in its quality. I did really liked the character designs a lot.

The voice acting was pretty good too.

I did really liked the music of the series too.

The comedy in the series can be admittedly quite cringeworthy and not really that funny and the dialogue at times too can be pretty cringey. Dazai’s suicidal tendacies came from his author dying from the same manner and yeah, kind of poor taste to really do that.

The plot of it is still ongoing at the moment but apparently the manga was said to be in its final arc so we can expect conclusion soon enough.

Overall it was a pretty fun series.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Theres also a spin off series based on a more comedic take of the characters called bsd wan and yeah it’s a pretty fun series, just block and report and go about your day from the obnoxious e-thot fandom the series has.


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