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Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a remastered version of the original game for the PSP and like its original version, it’s a prequel to the events of Final Fantasy 7 that focuses on Zack Fair and the reasons why Zack and Cloud go against Shinra.The story connects to the remake of Final Fantasy 7 and includes the remake’s voice actors and fully voiced lines too.The characters are very relatable and Zack still maintains that charm he had in the past easily befriending anyone he meets along the way. The story still maintains the true hero journey like before.

You can choose your difficulty levels: normal or hard.There are some improvements from the original game and it remains a fairly long game. Most notably you can now skip cutscenes finally correcting that localization mistake back in the original game. The camera is less restrictive and not a hindrance like in the original game. The controls were as easy to pick up and play.The graphics and the cutscenes are as great as ever with the unreal engine 4. The art and updated designs for characters and the world were excellent.The user interface is more in line to the remake and it is as easy as ever to navigate and get through what you need.You can unlock shops and new items and to add more accessories and Materia as time goes by just like the original.

Combat is now just a simple button press instead of a command system so it’s now more freetime and faster than before. New to combat is enemies showing a skill gauge and you must deplete it as soon as possible to prevent them from using it.

You can escape random battles and go to the edge of the field to avoid them like before which makes it less annoying. The DMW system where you can get special abilities and summons makes a return and that’s how you level up by collecting experience points but it strangely doesn’t show you how much progress you have made so you’ll be often uncertain how far you have to go with leveling up. It is now real time unlike before where it was at specifically random moments. You can exchange Materia you don’t need for more sp points to benefit you with the DMW system. Best advice is to go through the 1000 Shinra soldier fight if you want to increase your chances to leveling up.

You can take part in side missions and save and heal health all at once. The more you complete, the more powerful rewards you would get. I noticed there were use of Getty images for some of the textures and that seems odd especially for a big triple a series as Final Fantasy.

Overall, the game was a good improvement on Crisis Core.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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