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Easter Haul part 2

On the same day as Easter, the rest of the stuff i got from Nin-Nin Game came earlier than i expected.

(The World Ends With You JP version)

I forgot to show this in my last haul, but since i love TWEWY so much i had to get the JP version as well and this is my current TWEWY collection and there's alot of Square Enix merch i really wanna get specially from Xenogears and TWEWY.

(CV Casting Voice)

One part visual novel one part voice actor simulation and well i've played voice acting substories in Yakuza but as a full on game this is pretty interesting. And its alot of fun as well too. So i highly reccomend this esepcially if you wanna be a voice actor as well too and you wanna take part in some tongue in cheek light hearted fun.

(Steins Gate 0)

Since i got a vita and this was the most affordable game i could find for it i picked it up and also i'm a huge SciAdv fan as well and its really alot of fun and i highly reccomend this as well too.


This is another project diva like rythm game for the vita and its also the most i've used the touch screen as of now and its pretty fun and really cute as well too!

(Hanamataya live)

This is based off the Hanamataya series and its another musical rythym game and also visual novel as well and its made by Guyzwear who's also done many other anime based visual novels and its pretty fun and cute.

Thats all the stuff i have for now and i can't wait to show you what stuff i'll be getting next soon!


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