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Genshiken is an anime series that focuses on a college anime group and their day to lives and their hobbies too.

The artstyle is good and so was the animation for its time too.

The anime doesn’t cover the entire series admittedly, since the manga ended its publication in 2016 so there is still a lot of story to cover. So the anime is fairly short and could be completed within a day or so.

Its not just anime otaku keep in mind the Genshiken club has all kinds of otaku in it.

There was quite a bit of pop culture references too like Guilty Gear since Sega was the publisher of the series at the time.

The atmosphere is a lot more down to earth and otakus here are not potrayed as sterotypical one sided characters as tongue in cheek comic releif.

The comedy is pretty decent too.

The character development is also pretty good as it focuses on characters growing to understand and appreciate as well as get rid of any self hating insecurities and prejudices against the culture too.

The music too is pretty decent and so was the voice acting.

Overall the series was pretty good.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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