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haibane renmei

Haibane renmai is an anime series by Radix and was worked on by many of the staff from neia_under7 and serial experiments lain.

The story focuses around Rakka a habane or in other words Angel as they explore the world that is around them the world known as Gile.

I liked the lowkey downbeat atmosphere of the story.

The animation and visuals do show their age but otherwise its good.

The art was also pretty good too.

The series is fairly short about 12 episodes but due to the content of the story it does feel pretty slow paced on the otherside of things. Which does make sense given the philosophical nature of the story.

The voice acting too was generally fine.

The music too was also fine.

It focuses on the concept of sin and the lives of haibane that led to them becoming haibane. Each Haibane works to freeing themselves from the curse so they can finally move on.

Overall the series was pretty interesting.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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