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Hell Girl (J-drama edition)

Jigoku Shoujo is a live action tv adaptation of the anime series of the same name.

Similar premise to the anime, you use the hellnet to ask Ai Enma and company to use the doll to pull the string and the person who has wronged you is sent to hell and eventually the client who requested Ai Enma too.

So the procedural format is still there but the story does catch up to a more bigger plot later on as time goes by like before.

Starts off similar too with a school bully being sent to hell as expected in the first episode.

The Shibata conflict with Ai Enma is also there too.

In terms of faithfulness it remains pretty consistent within the anime.

The creepy atmosphere is still there.

The special effects to me like when people are being sent to hell, it felt kind of cheesy in contrast to the anime that’s just me personally.

Just like the show the music here is pretty solid.

The acting is pretty decent and the girl who played Ai Enma did a good enough job trying to recreate her in the anime.

Its fairly short too about 12 episodes in it.

Overall it was a good adaptation of the anime.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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