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hell girl (j drama movie edition)

Hell girl is a movie based on the anime of the same name similar concept and it focuses on Ai Enma and company accepting a request to stop an evil idol trying to corrupt his own fanbase for his own selfish desires cause in reality the whole concert is ironically a satantic ritual lol.

Same thing as before you ask hell girl on hellnet to send someone you hate to go to hell but in exchange you must also be sent to hell too.

It was directed by the same director of Noroi the curse.

So it’s the atypical plot of the series and its also follows the season 4 trend of things starting to get more violent than it should be lol but its not like that one episode with the messed up family thankfully lol.

The music is pretty good.

The acting here is pretty decent.

The characters outside of Ai Enma and company yeah as expected they are the ones you really root for the most. The characters in the series has always been pretty bland but for Ai Enma and company so get used to seeing paper thin characters so don’t expect any kind of character development or much lore exploration around here.

The special effects like the visuals here too were also pretty decent.

The movie here can feel pretty slow from time to time sharp contrast in comparison to the anime.

Also Ai Enma’s companions don’t really get as much focus as they should have had sadly.

Overall this was a decent enough adaptation.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.


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