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if my heart had wings

If my heart had wings is a visual novel by mages inc and pulltop and this is an international copy I got from vgplus courtesy from EastAsiaSoft on the switch.

It focuses on a student Aoi who returns to their hometown and it focuses on Aoi’s life with their friends and their dream of flying through the sky.

Aoi had a cycling accident not too long ago so Aoi is at the point in life where things are kind of bleak without the purpose in this case it was sports but things do get brighter as time goes by.

Atmosphere wise its kind of more on the downbeat side of things since it focuses on the somewhat somber realities of life like disabilties as the game doesn’t potray it in cute and quirky kind of way thankfully it shows the side effects of living with them and how people try to work around them to achieve their dreams.

The gliding dream takes trial and error its to be expected really as if it went the typical modern shonen route then yeah things wouldn’t really be that engaging and its not like the repettive endless 8 where nothing much was happening here its actually effort and you really do wanna root for the characters to achieve their dreams of flying in the sky.

Kotori is treated equally as is by their peers and not really as a burden.

Since it’s a romance vn theres plenty of choices for which kind of girl you wanna date here.

So one of the notable things about the game is the disability romance and thankfully its not like a silent voice where pretty much everyone was just super unlikable and I found the characters decent enough to get to know.

The 3d graphic models on the other hand yeah it looks like of low budget like the plane design for example.

Otherwise for the most part there wasn’t really any technical issues on my playthrough.

It’s a fairly long game and quite a bit of replay value in it too.

Its lewd but the pc version from what I've understand has a lot more lewd stuff in it.

The background designs were just really good and nicely detailed.

The rural setting was pretty good and helped increased the friendship themes in a way.

The artstyle was pretty good and really clear and nicely detailed too.

The voice acting was pretty decent.

Overall it was a solid visual novel.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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