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Kagen No Tsuki

Kagen No Tsuki is a j-drama movie adaptation of the manga of the same name.

The movie was directed by Ken Nekai who does mainly music videos.

Same plot as before a group of kids are trying solve the mystery of 2 ghost lovers that were separated and the cause of their deaths.

The movie most notable has vk singer Hyde doing the role of Adam in addition to doing the music of the movie which was pretty good even if he wasn’t in as much as he should have been and despite not being a formally trained actor Hyde still does a good job with playing as Adam.

Honestly to this day, the cape of storms is just one of the best songs Hyde has done along with Mad Qualia imo.

All of the actors here did a good job with their roles.

Sure the special effects may not have aged well but still for its time it was pretty interesting.

Seeing the movie atmosphere come to life was really great and it just enhanced the story even more.

The cinematography too was also for its time pretty cool to look at.

It’s a mystery film so do expect the story to take its time to unravel.

The movie does kind of gloss over certain parts of the story here and there sadly as a result of runtime reasons even the chemistry between Adam and Eve just kind of fell flat here sadly.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

This is really meant for hardcore Ai Yazawa fans to enjoy.


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