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kirby right back at ya

Kirby Right Back At Ya is an anime, based on the kirby video game series and instead of focusing on one particular game it does its own storyline focusing on Kirby and friends adventures in pupu island which is kind of a part of dreamland within the kirby universe.

At a glance you may think its for kids, but there is quite a bit of content too for grown ups to enjoy in addition.

Like surprisingly, it has the kind of content you’d be seeing seinen manga and anime would cover like a bunch of irl issues while still maintaining the kid friendly image of the series too at the same time. So just like the games itselves the kirby anime can be pretty poignant and deep showing its way more than what people assume it to be.

It’s a really long anime about 100 episodes are in it. You can watch it in any order since it can be pretty procedural.

The final episode wasn’t exactly the best either but it was said due to some personal issues from the director/writer of the series having a fa

I liked the characters quite a bit and were all pretty fun.

Like in the games itself, kirby does have quite the appetite and he gets powers from absorbing enimes.

The comedy of it was really one of the best things about the anime like lot of the jokes were just so good. Lot of the comedy comes from how logic is thrown right out of the window too like the anime just doesn’t care about logic that much and it can be thrown out anytime.

The atmosphere like the games, is pretty cheery and bright.

The music too was also good.

The art of it was really good and the animation still holds up really well to this day and the cgi effects were surprisngly really good courtesy of nintendo’s help with the animation effects.

I also liked the voice acting too sure it can be cheesy at times but still pretty fitting given the story.

This is honestly one of the best adaptations of a video game ever to be made.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars.

There is quite a bit of Nintendo anime that has fallen under obscurity from fire emblem to animal crossing yes, animal crossing did had a movie by olm at one point I’ll be sure to cover that on a future review.

f-zero also did had an anime too and I do plan on covering that too.


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