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My bday haul.

Well now my bday just past recently and i got quite a bit of games to show you guys.

Now here's the games i got in total. Soma Bringer i got from Nin-Nin game in Japan and unfortunately i forgot to take out chrono cross and bushido blade but i do have both ps1 games in my possession.

Our World Has Ended its an alright vn but too cheesy af for my tastes.

Project Diva X anything with Miku on it i'll buy simply put.

Paper Mario is my first ever paper mario game and since i really liked the alphadream jrpgs of the Mario games i wanted to give this game a shot and i really love it alot!

I got Va-Halla from nin-nin game same as i got with Soma Bringer and i purchased it mainly for my interest in pc-98 and retro anime fondness.

World's End Club i got due to my fondness of DR and 999 and also for Zaregato as well too and its an alright puzzle game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team well since i grew up with Pokemon anime and i've played Pearl and Rumble Blast i was pretty interested in growing my Pokemon collection but fuck the way its being handled and milked these days.

Mario Odyssey i finally got on sale from the source and it was really worth it and its my all time favorite Mario game.


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