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My Easter Haul

Hey guys! so sorry about the lack of new reviews as of late, been really busy with my backlog of games,anime and also manga as well too but don't worry things will be starting to speed up soon hopefully and here's also some of the stuff i got for Easter that i would like to show and could also potentially be next reviews as well too.

Not going to show everything but this mainly the highlights.

(Not shown TWEWY JP Version for the ds i forgot to take it out "again" but next time i'll try to remember what i've taken out. But, i got this version because of the upcoming anime and sequel and i just really love this series so much!!!)

(Kaito SEGA arcade figurine)

I got this from nin nin game and this is my first ever arcade figurine and since i'm a vocaloid fan i really wanted to have one and i'm very glad that i have one.

(Kingdom hearts 358/2 days jp version)

Since Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days was my first game in the Kingdom Hearts series and also, one of the first jrpgs i've played and also one of my all time favorite jrpgs, i decided to get the JP version as well to add to my collection. And i also got this from nin-nin game as well too.

(Project Diva 2nd)

As i'm a huge fan of vocaloids,fanloids and utaloids i wanted to also add this into my collection and this also is from nin-nin game as well too and i'm always on the lookout for more project diva games.


I always wanted to try this game since i got my ps2 and now that i finally have a copy of it form nin nin game as well i'm very happy to try this out.

(Student councils discretion level 2)

I've seen the anime a while ago which was decent and when i heard it had a game i decided to pick this up from amazon around the same i've finished it and its the typical sol vn but its ok.


I've also seen the anime as well a while back and i've also decided to purchase the vn from amazon, to see how it compares to the anime and so far its pretty faithful and the new storylines added were interesting to see still need to keep playing more of it to give an full opinion.

(Phantasy Star Zero)

Been meaning to try this series out since i was in elementary school and now i finally got a copy of this from nin nin game too and it even came with a card pack as well so thats a nice bonus.

(Song Of Memories)

Got this vn from amazon as well and its pretty much a generic romcom sol than so it is an apocaylpse story. Love the technology used to make animation much more fluid though i must say.


And now meet my 13 year old dog since grade 5 always has and always will be a spunky lovable energetic fellow and he's certainly is adorable isn't he?

(DQ Metal Slime Plushie)

I've been wanting to have a Square Enix plushie for a while now and this was the first one i wanted to get since i've finished DQ Rocket Slime and i really do think its cute.

Thats all the stuff i have for now and i'll see you guys on the next haul cya!


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