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No More Hereoes 2

No more heroes 2 is a sequel to the first game and like before it focuses on Travis Touchdown taking down various assassins in order to be number 1 especially to fuel his otaku lifestyle.

As expected its a lot of pop culture references here which is fitting and Takashi Miike one of the most prolifc directors in Japanese cinema makes a cameo appearance here at some point of the game.

The game is a lot less open world than before so much so it just basically killed the replay value of the game while it wasn’t perfect before this takes it a step further.

You can take part time jobs like before in order to pay for items to use to help you in combat as the fee system is removed.

Its hack and slash combat like before and theres a couple of segments where you can play as Henry or Shinobu and it was really cool to see other characters get the spotlight especially with how really entertaining they were combined with Travis (and also the voice acting like before is good) they brought out the best with each other shame it was only just like in one mission and Shinobu’s platforming on their mission was awkward to say the least.

There’s a dual weild like mechanic where you can switch one sword to another one on the fly and now be able to recharge it by making a fappping motion with the wii remote lmao pretty useful.

The slot machine mechanic where random bonuses happen returns.

The minigames/part time jobs are in a retro styled format and i honestly didn't really need to use the health or strenght minigames all that much because of how easy i found the game to be lol.

The worst thing easily about this game or to take it further in video gaming history was none other than Jasper Blatt Jr.

Jasper had a lot of really cheap moves and the fight dragged on longer than it should have been and to make things worse, the voice acting and just entire personality of Jasper was so obnoxious it really represented the worst traits in boss fights in gaming.

Otherwise the game had some really standout fights especially Alice Twlight and Margaret Moonlight both honestly were the bosses that should have been the final boss fights in the game not Jasper.

You can buy dvds too in order to unlock new moves.

The music is as always incredible especially Margaret Moonlight’s theme which is really the best track in the entire series.

The control system is as creative as ever


It was fairy short though and it only took me just one day to completed the game.

Overall it was a good sequel.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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