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Parasite Eve

The Parasite Eve movie is a adaptation of the horror novel of the same name which in turn was also a prequel to the games.

Like I believe I mentioned in my review of the first game the story was inspired by Hideki Sena’s time studying pharmacology.

The movie was directed by the director of Kansen so its clear the director does have expirence with horor.

The story is set in Japan it focuses on a researcher trying to find a way to heal his wife after a freak car accident left her seriously injured and uses a experimental mitochrondrial treatment but things after a while starts to go pretty bad soon after.

It still retains the mitochondria as the cell of power concept seen with the games thankfully.

Its more focused on the romance than so on the horror elements admittedly whereas the original novel was pretty graphic and not exactly for the faint of heart.

Its creepy but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it scary.

It was said that this was the result of studio interference and lol first one in 3 years at that time because Japan really doesn’t fuck around with those drug laws as seen with several actors from anime and video games there lmao.

The special effects for its time its not exactly revoultionary but still decent enough.

You're sadly not going to be seeing any of the monsters encountered in the games.

Though the spontaneous combustion is there still and to be honest, I found it more shocking in the game then in the movie really.

It can feel like a slow watch honestly going through this.

Theres some nudity in it too but without the nipples and as soon as I saw it I honestly couldn’t help but kind of cringe laugh at it because it was supposedly not to make things sexualised but it’s a romance story shouldn’t those things go hand and hand together? Lol it makes no fucking sense at all honestly lol it should have had the nipples in it lmao.

The music by Joe Hisashi was really great and he along with Yoko Shimoura are the only 2 composers I can really see manage to make the perfect score for this along with really anything they’ve worked on.

Overall it was a decent horror movie.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

You have to be a hardcore parasite eve fan to like this movie.

Its also the first in hopefully several more j-drama reviews I plan on doing in the future since the games were what got me into the book and in turn the movie in the first place so may as well enjoy the ride.

I went with this one, since its my first j-drama movie though I've remember seeing the godzilla movies as a kid this one I'd say was more in line with my tastes in J-media so that’s what I went with.

So yeah that being said, get ready for more j-drama to be covered here sometime soon.


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