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rune factory 5

rune factory 5 is the 5th entry of the series.

It follows the usual plot of the character having amnesia and they slowly regain their memories and helping the town out and stopping an evil being from getting their goals done.

You can name your character and choose whichever gender you like and also romance characters like before and make friendships and have them help you in dungeon exploring and dungeon exploring of itself is simple and straightforward for the most part with some light puzzle solving.

The characters in the game were generally friendly and nice to you and I didn’t really had any issues with them other than the fact they just felt tropey.

Combat in the game is button mashing like and after awhile yeah it can be numbing to do so. You can cast spells and in fact, once I found the darkness spell I pretty much just got through an already easy combat system even moreso now due to how really powerful it could be. I don’t have an issue with combat being easy especially with something meant to be relaxing as rune factory but with stuff that’s overpowered like the darkness spell yeah it kind of takes away the fun from things.

It has a seasonal system as before and also events where you can take this chance to win prizes or deepen your bonds with others in town and you can even level up stores in the town too.

Not helping either is that some bosses were repeated fights over and over again.

There was a good amount of comedy in it but the localization just made it felt really awkarad to enjoy so.

You can farm and grow your crops and sell them or use them as resources for crafting objects.

Depending on the tasks you do, you can enhance your character stats the more you do a certain task so they won’t burnout as easily with losing rune points since that’s your stamina in the series.

The localization in this game, it is beyond downright terrible and the voice acting too was just it felt pretty forced in from time to time too as a result of how bad the localization was.

The artstyle was good but the graphics and animation felt like an upscaled 3ds game.

Overall this so far is the least favorite entry in the rune factory series.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Best you buy the 3ds/ds games and rune factory frontier on the wii honestly.


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