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Senran Kagura Reburst Renewal

Senran kagura reburst is a port of the original senran kagura game for the 3ds. 

It focuses on 2 schools clashing each other and you can play as either character from either student focusing on their storyline. 

The story itself isn’t really anything that special. 

The game has a 3d focused camera jumping from a 2.5d format. 

The music too was generally fine too. 

Its hack and slash and the objectives pretty much are repetitive as its either defeat enemies or defeat a member from either school thats it. 

Theres free missions too which serve as side missions for you to take part in. 

You can use special abilities after a while in combat to deal alot of damage to enemies. 

The locations too were kind of repetitive in addition. 

Theres a frantic mode too where you have no defense but you can deal alot of damage on the otherhand. 

The graphics were generally ok. 

Theres also costumes you can equip to characters and there is a diorama mode too. 

You are graded based on how well you did in combat. 

Theres some missing features from the original game unfortunately due to censorship. 

Overall it was a ok remake. 

It gets 3 out of 5 stars. 


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