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witch hunter robin

Witch Hunter Robin is an original anime by sunrise studios.

It focuses on a new witch hunter called Robin who’s part a of a group called Solomon fighting anyone who practices witchcraft and try to stop them before they cause any deadly harm.

Witches in the show have inner abilities called “seed” which is like how they use the powers and if it goes ballistic and too powerful then there is big trouble for everyone around.

The plot of the series for the most part follows a procedural format things start to pick up more during the later part of the series.

It’s a fairly long series with about 26 episodes and it does take a bit of a while for the main plot of the series to formulate and pacing is kind of slow that’s really the biggest downfall of the series.

The ending of the series does leave some more questions than answers like its trying to formulate into another season but still has yet to happen especially given sunrise’s hyperfocus on gundam.

The background design of the world too was pretty impressive and still holds up well to this day.

The characters were fine enough as is.

The voice acting too was pretty decent.

The music is pretty good.

The artstyle was pretty good and so were the character designs too. Interesting to note too that ff9’s main character designer was also the director of the anime too.

The animation was decent too but it can show its age at times too but still pretty nostalgic especially if you’re fond of 2000s anime like I am.

The action was pretty decent too.

Overall it was a decent show.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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