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Metal Gear Revengeance

It was one of the first games I played created by Platinum Games.

The game started out to take place between events in metal gear solid 4 but it was cancelled as Kojima productions weren't really experienced in the Hack and Slash genre.

It got a restart when Platinum games took over the project while still being worked with Kojima Productions.

The story takes place 4 years after metal gear solid 4 where Raiden is now working for a private military company as the worlds economy is now reliant towards constant war. Raiden encounters a rival private military company called "Desperado enforcement" after his encounter with them he sets out to hunt them down in order to find out what they are really doing. Its more straightforward and it’s much less Complex than other Metal Gear games As its much more action oriented and simpler.

Its shorter than a typical metal gear game and I played just about the 3 main games on the HD Collection for my Ps3. The series is notable for having long cutscenes as part of telling a long intricate storyline.

It still has key plot elements but its much shorter and it can be beaten in a few hours I would like to see more the new storyline that Raiden now has its still enjoyable it’s a shame that its short.

It still has the war setting metal gear has along with the series most key elements to it. You can still fight Metal Gear Itself and it still has the quirky humor the series is well known for. And Raiden still is designed by the original artist Yoji Shinkawa and Quintin Flynn still is his voice actor.

It still has stealth elements to it you can still go sneak up and kill enemies and hide and also look for other ways around. It reduces combat and its not as complex as the main series but it can still be useful.

The combat is fast paced and its always fun. I really had a good time with the game's sophisticated cutting system where you can slash enemies in different directions.

You can brutally execute the enemies and gain back health by stealing their electrolyte packs by pressing x.

You can even regain health by stealing enemies energy packs or by having rations with you just in case like other metal gear games.

Secondary weapons like Rocket or Grenade launchers are useful tools to kill enemies at distance.

You can be able to learn new moves and get upgrades as you progress through the story.

The boss fights are very well done and each of them had their own fighting style and ways to kill them. They all are cyborgs they have their own personalities and each of them carries their own philosophies of life. One cyborg is pretty nihilistic and sees life is pretty worthless and takes a more telepathic way of fighting you like Psycho Mantis.

The graphics are pretty good and I like how destructive the world can be at times due to the more open and over the top nature.

The camera itself is occasionally odd. I had to readjust it a few times as it can go one place to the next and it tries to keep up with the action due to how shaky it can be. But its mostly responsive.

I enjoyed the high energy heavy metal soundtrack in the game. The Metal Gear soundtrack mainly is highly emotional and moody and one of the most memorable soundtracks I heard. This one takes a more faster paced and energetic mood but still intense and catchy.

You can find mini collectibles hidden in missions and after completing each mission you are graded for your performance. Like new skins such as Raiden in his poncho or Jack the Ripper outfit.

In the end its still a good entry to the series even with it being a hack and slash game.

It gets 4 stars.

Its an fast paced spin off and it’s a game you can enjoy and as either a metal gear or hack and slash fan.

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