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betrayal knows my name

The betrayal knows my name is a manga series by Ogiri Hotaru.

The story is focused on a orphaned highschooler, Yuki Sakurai who has a strange ability for as long as he could remember and this special ability allows him to see someones trauma and what caused it whenever they are in a state of depression and is able to cure such pain and is refered to as “God’s light” as a result of the power.

One day Yuki meets Luka who comes across him after saving him from danger and as time goes by Yuki finds out the truth of his special powers and also the real cost of it as time goes by while on the journey utizliing the powers of “gods light”.

The chemistry between Luka and Yuki is very compelling to look.

To start off with the art designs and especially the character designs were really good. I also really liked the gothic stylizations in the art and the atmosphere too.

The manga is fairly long with about 68 chapters. Bit by bit more stuff gets discovered as time goes by and the character development was also pretty decent.

The cast is also a fairly large onetoo for something about 68 chapters so it can be sort of overwhelming to go through but still engaging as there was quite a good amount of interesting backstory to the cast.

The pacing gets pretty fast as time goes by and it just feels pretty rushed at the end too so yeah it should have stuck to building up things bit by bit instead of throwing things out all at once in a cliffhanger.

It feels pretty sequel baity if you ask me and there is no news of a sequel as of this writing.

So the story is going to be on the slower side from time to time.

Comedy wise there was a good amount of it that help broke the tension of the dark setting it has.

Overall this was a pretty good read.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.

If you enjoy the works of Kaori Yuki you’ll be sure to enjoy this.


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