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bravely default 2

This game is a sequel in title but not from the previous 2 ds games and its pretty accessible to those who hadn’t played it yet and this time its developed by clayworks and not silicon studioes.

To start off with, this game does not have the annoying microtransactions that the last game had. Instead the sleep mode for the switch with the boat expedition is used to gather treasure and collect special bonus items like booster buns to increase stats or orbs to increase your level and if you connect online you can meet other players to get even better items.

The story is pretty similar, someone gets caught up in strange events meets up with others gets caught up in a even bigger plot and must stop the villain behind it. Voice acting was alright and the dialogue, its cheesy at times.

Excilliant is the new continent that you explore in the game. It’s a fairly large world to explore.

The characters were ok, but feel kind of the same tropey characters like last time. At least the world this time feels new and fresh and not like an expansion pack like in bravely second. The world feels lot bigger than before and the graphics are great and I also like the character designs retaining the Chibi style like before.

Dungeon exploring is straight forward as well you find checkpoints that can teleport you back to the entry just in case and glowing red enemies mean you better level up and the game doesn’t have the random encounters like in the last two where you can choose whether to go through them or not. Attacking them from behind means more default points to use in combat.

The controls are pretty easy to pick up and play.

You can collect job asteriks with their own strengths and weaknesses throughout the story and also take part in side quests but some of them are pretty boring just go to point a to point b and that’s it. The game has a lot of old and new classes to choose from and set as sub jobs as well too and the more you use them the more powerful they become like the last games.

You can find rare bosses while exploring the world to get rare weapons and other types of items as well. Most of the enemies though did felt like reskins.

You can fast travel world with the carriage at towns as it doesn’t have the boat or flying transportation as it had in the first 2 games. Also you can use your sword to cut down trees and grass to find objects as well. In addition, you can use it to ambush enemies as well too.

Combat is similar to the first two where you can default to gain more turns and use unique special attacks based on the current class you are using after performing a certain amount of actions and its turned base like the last two.

Sometimes you find wiki-wikis which are kind of like the cats from octopath and pig noise from the world ends with you that are elusive enemies that can take quite a bit of time in killing but carries lot of rewards as well.

The music score was ok.

You can buy and equip lots of weapons in the game as mentioned but yeah lot of them could sometimes, carry more stat decreases than it does stat bonuses honestly.

It’s a fairly long game but with quite a bit of filler in it as well with going back and forth with places.

It can be grindy at times and some of the bosses are pretty cheap like in the previous games. Its also like last time, where you have to 100 percent everything to get the final ending so get ready to grind a lot.

Overall it was an alright game.

It gets 4 out of 5 stars.


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